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Tile & Grout: Color Sealer & Repair

before and after of tile grout color sealing

Tile & Grout Color Sealing and Repair

Color sealing your grout is a recent innovation that repel oil and water-based liquids, which will prevent food and beverage stains. In addition, they contain constant acting mildewcides and other agents that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew. This not only offers health benefits by making your floors more sanitary, but can reduce or eliminate the funky smells you often find with older floors that have had a long time to absorb a variety of odiferous liquids. Color sealed floors are consequently easier to maintain.

The Color Sealing Process

Color Sealed Tile

The 4 basic steps of color sealing job are as follows:

- The floor is professionally cleaned with a high PH alkaline solution to free up any stuck-on dirt & grime from the tile surface and grout lines.

- The floor is then dried with a microfiber mop and towels to ensure maximum absorbtion of the sealer in the grout.

- The color sealer choosen by you is then applied by the technician with sealer brushes to the clean & dry grout lines, removing any excess as the process is completed.

- Lastly, the finished areas are mopped and lightly buffed by hand to ensure a clean and uniform look throughout.

Color sealer can be applied to the grout lines of interior and exterior ceramic and porcelain tile installations. The grout lines of natural stone tiles can be color sealed as well, provided that the stone itself has already been protectively sealed.

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