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Wood Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Process

Easy Clean starts the wood cleaning and wood restoring process by cleaning the loose soil from the floor (dirt, dust, and other grime). Our technician then cleaning machines to throughly sanitize and scrub left over grime on the floor. Our machines are designed to gradually release wood cleaning solution to the floor's surface while scrubbing. We then conclude the cleaning process by drying the surface with our special absorbent towels designed to extract any excess soil left over after the cleaning. This new three step process ensures your floors have a "like new" look, and leave it ready for the final step....

Wood floor sealing process

Wood Floor Sealing

After the wood and laminate floors are cleaned thoroughly, Easy Clean moves on to the sealing process. Here’s where the shine comes in. Making sure that the surface is clean, the staff will do a final wipe down of the area to prepare it for a wood sealer. Once wiped down, not just one, but two coats of sealer are applied to the floor. This fast-dry sealer only takes 8-10 hours to dry completely.

Why call Easy Clean For Your Wood Floors?

Wood Floor

Easy Clean does no ordinary cleaning job on wood floors and laminate floors. Our unique way of cleaning is special by our process and passion that we put into the work. Both house and office can benefit from Easy Clean’s unique cleaning technology. Our process makes your floor look great and helps keeps it looking great. This is because the cleaning adds shine, and the protective layer of sealing guards the floor from future damage.